Looking for Property Management Software?

If you’re looking for property management software, it can be difficult knowing where to start. In this blog post, we review one of the highest-rated property management software, RentRedi. Get an overview of their features, pricing, and reviews.

RentRedi Features

When it comes to the mobile-friendly, easy-to-use app, RentRedi is rated a top payments software provider.

Its bundle of features includes rent collection, listing & advertising units, managing the application process, screening tenants, managing maintenance, as well as several add-on services that benefit both landlords and tenants.

Rent Collection

  • Manage rent payments from your mobile or web app
  • Create customized rent charges for lease, utilities, and more
  • Easily connect tenants to their charges
  • Tenants pay directly from their RentREdi mobile app
  • Get instant notifications when a tenant submits a rent payment
  • Collect ACH, Card, or Cash payments
  • Partnership with Chime which connects cash payments
  • Choose to accept only ACH/Cash payments
  • Choose whether or not to assume the processing fees for tenants
  • See who has and hasn’t paid from one dashboard
  • Create property-specific accounts
  • Collect security deposits separately
  • Set up automatic late fees
  • Create auto-reminders
  • Block all or partial payments

Pay Rent Features for Tenants

  • Can pay right from RentRedi app
  • Only $1 for ACH
  • Can pay with card, cash, or ACH
  • Can set up auto-pay
  • Report on-time rent payments to TransUnion

Listing & Advertising Units

  • Free, professional marketing page
  • Share to FB Marketplace, Craigslist—or via email, text, etc.
  • List for free to Realtor.com and Doorsteps
  • Pay to list to Zillow, Trulia, and HotPads (Zillow runs on a paid model for all states)

Managing the Application Process

  • Get prequalifications and applications built into RentRedi’s software
  • Built-in prescreening form with 10 questions (smoking, pets, income)
  • Tenants can submit a free, full application on their mobile or web app
  • Invite a prospective tenant to apply from your phone or desktop
  • Tenants receive an invitation email to complete their application
  • They submit a tenant-paid screening right from their mobile app
  • You can one-click accept or reject applicants!

Screening Tenants

  • Get full credit, criminal, and eviction reports
  • Background report is a soft pull so it doesn’t hurt the applicant’s credit score
  • Tenant-paid screening from TransUnion ($35)
  • Get a customized leasing recommendation

Managing Maintenance

You can DIY or outsource maintenance via RentRedi based on your personal preferences for managing rental repairs.

Managing Your Own Maintenance

  • Tenants submit maintenance requests via their tenant moble app
  • Get maintenance requests with a 5-second video
  • View all maintenance requests in one dashboarding
  • View pending and completed tasks
  • Add your maintenance team for free
  • Send videos of the issue to your maintenance personnel

Outsourcing via Latchel’s Maintenance Coordination Services

One add-on feature for maintenance is RentRedi’s partnership with Latchel, which outsources repairs to Latchel’s network of repair contractors or handles communication with your maintenance team.

  • Outsource maintenance management to Latchel
  • Set budget for repairs and maintenance (quotes that go over budget get approved by you)
  • Add your vendors to your Latchel network
  • Latchel coordinators handle communication & repairs with your tenant
  • Let someone else deal with scheduling repairs—you don’t have to be on call

Managing Accounting

RentRedi’s partnership with REI Hub for add-on accounting software is designed specifically for real estate investors & rental property owners.

  • Instantly Add Properties & Charges: Automatically transfer properties & charges from your RentRedi profile to REI Hub.
  • Add Bank & Credit Card Accounts: Link your bank account electronically for easy automatic transaction import.
  • Track Income & Expenses: Use matching rules & payment templates to speed up your bookkeeping.
  • View Cash Flow by Property: View profit & loss by property, your portfolio’s balance sheet, schedule E’s, and more.

Add-On Services & Perks

In addition to the add-on services of Latchel and REI Hub noted above, as a RentRedi customer you also get access to other membership services—most notably an exclusive Home Depot discount and credit reporting for tenants

Home Depot Perk

  • Up to 20% off on paint
  • Discounts off most other purchases – some items, like lumber, are excluded from discounts

The cherry on top of the bonus is that the more landlords use the RentRedi discount, the more discounts they receive as a RentRedi member! To date, the average RentRedi landlord using the RentRedi Home Depot perk has already saved $379 in 2022.

Credit Reporting for Tenants

For landlords, credit reporting is an excellent add-on to give tenants the option of reporting their on-time rent payments to TransUnion.

  • Encourage on-time rent payments
  • Offer an attractive feature to potential renters
  • Appeal to applicants who are interested in building their credit

For a majority of tenants, paying rent is their biggest expense and so it can be an attractive sell for renters to pay on time.

  • Add-on feature for tenants
  • Get credit for paying their rent on-time
  • Build or boost credit score with consistent, on-time rent payments
  • Incentive to use the RentRedi app
  • Plans start as low as $3.99/mo

Mobile App for Tenants

  • Pay rent with card, cash, ACH
  • Submit maintenance requests with 5-second video
  • Prequalify, apply, and submit tenant screening (web & mobile!)
  • One-click e-sign leases
  • Create recurring rent reminders
  • Purchase renters insurance
  • Sign up for credit reporting!

RentRedi Reviews

“RentRedi makes it easy to keep up with rental units.” 

Rather than having a to-do list for each property, and a sheet for who has paid rent, plus running to the bank to make deposits, this puts everything in one place. I also like the ability to have clients upload videos rather than calling to ask them specifically what is needed. It also prevents them from calling me at crazy hours which is another plus.

Also, I can set up quarterly to-do items for the maintenance guy, and he gets emails for repairs.

Money is funded to my account in a reasonable amount of time, and the help button gets very quick responses. Linda C., via G2 

“Stunning simplicity with exceptional service – RentRedi is a force multiplier and game changer!”

Simplicity of the interface and the powerful tools which allow me to focus more on growing our property management business and less on little ticky tacky things like collecting rent. It is also amazing that I can chat with a human within about 30 seconds at almost any time if I am having an issue understanding my software. Caleb C., via G2.

About RentRedi

Founded in 2016, RentRedi has emerged on the property management software scene as a powerhouse platform dedicated to building features based directly on its customer’s needs.

When CEO Ryan Barone started programming the app, he was working full-time while trying to navigate the perils of renting in New York City. So, he started building a tenant app that would store all the documents he needed to quickly and effectively secure a rental in NYC. From this, he started speaking to landlords who relayed the difficulties of renting from both sides of the process: landlords needed efficient ways to collect rent, list rentals, screen tenants, and manage their maintenance reports.

From this, the idea of RentRedi was born and continued to grow to the all-inclusive property management software app it is today.

Visit RentRedi.com to learn more!