Your Phone System Could Improve Your Vacancy Rate! Find Out How…

Time.  We’re all trying to get some of it back in our day.  In an age where we are now accustomed to getting answers to almost any question just by asking it out loud in any Siri-managed environment, anything less seems annoying! Tenants and prospective tenants are no different.  Apartment owners all across the country compete for this information hungry market every day.

Although seemingly so old school, your phone system, plays a major role in capturing this new breed of tenant.  Using social media platforms to introduce your product to the market is one step, however optimizing your reaction speed and providing real time information, to incoming phone inquiries, is just as important!  This goes for current tenants as well who are looking for quick, efficient responses to their concerns (billing, maintenance, etc.). Happy tenants refer other tenants to their community.

Does This Sound Familiar?

In many leasing offices, the same person who is handling the phones is also handling walk-ins or appointments and showing rental units, thus taking them out of the office all throughout the day.  Many leasing agents will forward the office phone to their cell phone (if they remember) as they leave the office.  Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What if they forget?
  • What does the prospective caller hear if that office phone goes unanswered?
  • Is there any option other than just to leave a voicemail?
  • Can the caller get their questions answered anyway?
  • Do they have an option to route their call to anyone else?
  • Can they text a question to your leasing office?

Similarly, what does the prospective caller hear if the agent does remember to forward the phone, however they are not available to answer the call on their cell phone? Does the caller hear the agent’s personal cell phone greeting?  That would be confusing, and quite frankly frustrating!

Our Solution

Now imagine the same scenario but instead of forwarding the calls to a personal cell phone, your office line automatically forwards to an automated advanced messaging/call routing system when your line is busy or answered. This means leasing agents can come and go, providing excellent customer service to the prospective tenants they are with, while also enabling callers to get information they desire, or get routed to the correct person, even if no one is in the leasing office!  The system can receive text messages too.

How it Works

You don’t have to change a thing!   There is no need to change your current equipment or land line service provider. There is NO equipment to purchase, install or maintain! All Call Technologies takes care of everything!  We setup the forwarding to an All Call Technologies background phone number, work with you to develop custom scripts, handle the programming and initial recording and allow you to test it all before moving forward.

With All Call Technologies, Your Phone System Will Be Transformed

When your office lines are busy or you can’t answer, your caller will hear a custom greeting with options to reach your leasing manager, maintenance personnel, etc., select the option to hear pre-recorded apartment information or leave a message. They can even text your office for their convenience!!

If the caller selects the option to reach your staff, the caller will hear music as we ring your staff’s phone. When the call is answered, the staff member will hear “There is a call for (your apartment complex name), press 1 to be connect the call, press 2 to send the call to voicemail.”

This is the Call Announce feature that has several benefits:

  • Alerts your staff that they have a business call
  • Gives your staff the options to take the call or not
  • Prevents the caller from hearing a personal cell phone voice mail greeting
  • Prevents the caller from obtaining leasing agent’s personal cell phone numbers

If your staff cannot take the call, the caller will hear the specific outgoing greeting you determine with an option to leave a message.

Your outgoing greetings will change automatically based on a custom schedule. You’ll have a day greeting, an after-hours greeting, a holiday greeting, and up to 12 different custom greetings of your choosing, programmed to your needs.

Call our demo and try it out, dial 208-685-2807!

It is Time To Ask Yourself

In a world that has embraced the digital age and immediacy. Apartment owners are coming up with new strategies to find new and inventive ways to attract, engage and satisfy today’s tenants.  With this in mind, how does your current phone solution measure up?

For more information on All Call Technologies, please follow this link: All Call Technologies

About Us

Greg and Rebecca Standerfer started All Call Technologies in September of 2004 as Answer Idaho. In 2009, we expanded our technology and the name was changed to All Call Technologies to reflect our ability to service customers across the US. Greg is the engineer and telephone consultant for clients. Rebecca has a degree in Communications and is the finance director. Both record the greetings for the client phone systems. Today, there are All Call Technologies clients in 45 states in a variety of businesses (Apartment Complexes, Property Managers, Realtors, Plumbing, Insurance, Health Care, Assisted Living Homes and a Hospital System.)


All Call Technologies has 5-star ratings on Google and Yelp.

What Clients Say:

“As a real estate team, we implemented All Call Technologies services in 2005 and are extremely happy with the results. They provide us with the highest level of customer service at all times and allow us to be able to create on call schedules, track advertising calls and operate remotely when needed. Their services simplify our business and allows us to operate more efficiently. Greg and Rebecca have also helped us with many transitions and company growth. Through these times their guidance and support were priceless. We would highly recommend All Call Technologies to any business, small or large.”

Craig Zuber – Zuber Group Real Estate

“I am a growing practice and needed to expand my phone system.  Greg with All Call made it super easy to create a company phone number and set up a system that can easily be accessed by my cell phone and email.  As well, their customer service has been quick and kind.”

Angel Koenig – Mindful Counseling

“I spent numerous hours researching several different virtual phone systems.   All Call Technologies was everything our company needed.  Professional, proficient, hassle free, cost effective and amazing customer service.  If you are a small business needing a big business phone system at a very affordable price then stop looking.  They have what you need.”

Dathun Cole – Trinity Assisted Living