Who Would Renters Pick for President?

Renters Predict 2012 Presidential Election Results

In the spirit of election season, Apartments.com recently polled its website visitors for predictions surrounding the upcoming 2012 presidential election. Four years ago, more than half of Apartments.com survey respondents said they were voting for then-candidate Barack Obama.

This year, in a similar survey, nearly 70 percent say they are backing a President Barack Obama re-election versus 21.6 percent who choose Governor Mitt Romney.

When compared to the same questions on the Apartments.com 2008 presidential election survey, emerging trends include a reduction in the number of registered voters and the number of respondents who consider themselves very politically active. In 2008, an overwhelming 96.9 percent of respondents surveyed indicated they were registered to vote. This year, the number dips 10 percent to 86.9 percent.

Four years ago, more than 40 percent of respondents considered themselves very politically active, in contrast to the 21.6 percent who describe themselves that way today.

“As interesting as it is to hear what renters want in the way of election outcomes, it is even more telling to see how attitudes about certain aspects of the election process change over the years,” says Tammy Kotula, public relations and promotions manager, Apartments.com. “That’s why we created this year’s survey to illustrate how some of the most prevalent behavior of politically active renters from 2008 are faring in 2012.”

Another area of difference between the two surveys is the number of respondents who claim to be on top of current events. Whereas 70.7 percent of respondents claimed to be very tuned in to current national and political events four years ago, only half are describing themselves that way today.

In addition to polling meaningful political positions, the 2012 Apartments.com presidential election survey reveals some less serious opinions about the presidential candidates, including who would make the better neighbor, landlord or even laundry-room-clothes ditcher!

“Oftentimes voting comes down to how someone feels about the candidates as people as opposed to their stance on issues,” continues Kotula. “It’s no coincidence respondents in our survey would rather live next door to President Obama or have him as their landlord and the majority of people surveyed also said they want him to win the election.”

Not Your Typical Presidential Candidate Preference Poll

Apartments.com survey respondents answer some less expected questions, including:

Who would you prefer to be neighbors with?

Who would you rather have as your landlord?

If both candidates left their laundry in the dryer in your building’s laundry room, whose would you rather fold?

Additionally, survey respondents were asked what they would complain about most if either candidate lived in their apartment building. Responses included presidential dog barking,  First Lady hogging the fitness room equipment, loud cheering during Red Sox games, and the Olympic Torch being run through the building.

About the Respondents

Below is a snapshot of the people who responded to the Apartments.com 2012 presidential election survey:

1.Registered voters: 86.9%
2.Planning to register to vote before the upcoming election: 67.6% of non-registered respondents
3.Vote in elections other than Presidential elections: 72.9%
4.Female: 62%
5.Male: 38%
6.Under age 34: 32%
7.Age 35+: 67.9%

As part of its What Renters Want research series, Apartments.com surveys renters on various topics. For more information on these surveys or to receive a copy of the results, please contact Brittney Theriault at [email protected].

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