Unexpected Hazard Plagues Landlords

Tenants at a Citrus Heights, California apartment building are fleeing their homes after an onslaught of dumpster diving has left them too terrified to take out the trash.

That is forcing the landlords to scramble to find a solution. They told news reporters that they have already lost a dozen tenants, scared away after finding strangers in the dumpsters. They say a nearby liquor store that hosts a recycled goods farmers market is to blame.

After pleas directed to the market’s owner to discourage customers from scavenging in the neighbors’ trash failed to produce any results, the apartment owners turned to the police.

Local police say that they are hoping to resolve the conflict between the neighboring businesses. So far, they have been unsuccessful, but have agreed to increase nightly patrols around the dumpsters. According to the report, there is no local ordinance outlawing dumpster diving.

The landlords say they plan to petition the city to force the Farmers Market to relocate. They say the market is attracting criminals to the neighborhood, and that constitutes a nuisance.

Meanwhile, the landlords continue to spend money on security guards and extra lighting to coax tenants into staying at the property.

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