Tricky Tips for Hiding Spare Keys

Although landlords are unlikely to place spare keys around rentals properties, many of us do at our own homes.  Some tenants do the same thing.   No one wants to be locked out, or have a relative have to sit and wait should they run off without a house key.

Spare keys are a point of weakness for a home from a security standpoint, especially if you or your tenants use the infamous flower pot or fake rock to hide ready access to the deadbolt. But the professionals at have put together a list of more creative hiding places that may foil a burglar:

1.    Hide spare keys either on a dog, or inside a dogs house. Most burglars do not want to deal with animals, even animals that look to be docile, so theyre going to avoid them at all costs in most cases. Homeowners could attach the spare key to their dog–as long as it lives outdoors.

2.    Spare keys can be hidden within the lip thats located on vinyl siding. Its unlikely that a burglar will find a key thats hidden in siding, but just to be sure, homeowners can move its location to different pieces of siding on a regular basis.

3.    Rather than leaving a key hidden outdoors, switch keys with a neighbor. This way, even if a burglar does find the key, it will be more difficult to figure out which house the key belongs to.

4.    Hide spare keys in zippered patio furniture covers. This will only work for a particular type of patio furniture, but it is a very effective way to have easy access to a well-hidden key.

5.    Hide spare keys in the back of a home, versus the front. If a homeowner is constantly retrieving a spare key from a particular location that can be viewed easily from the street, it means a burglar could be watching their actions, and find the key, no matter how tricky the hiding spot. is the leading independent provider of information about the home alarm industry. The site provides reviews and comparisons of top alarm companies, along with industry news, tips and updates. also offers consumers the opportunity to access valuable alarm system discounts.

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