Tenants Ordered to Stop Paying Landlord Rent

Officials in Maple Shade, New Jersey are intercepting all of one landlord’s rental payments after the landlord failed to pay fines they say he owes relating to their rental inspection program.

The landlord, who has invested $24 million into the properties according, says that the 659 alleged building infractions discovered during the inspections include weatherstripping on windows and faucet leaks.

His company has been assessed $183,000, which includes fines, penalties,and outstanding repairs, according to the report. The housing agency did not elaborate on the nature of the repairs.

Seventy-five percent of the 409 units are reserved for low-income tenants, while other tenants pay market rent. The buildings are 30-years old.

According to the report, the housing authority sent a letter to each of the tenants instructing them to stop paying rent to the landlord, and to pay the entire amount to the sheriff. The letter also advised the tenants of the outstanding judgment against the landlord, according to the report.

The landlord says he is trying to work out the problem and is optimistic tenants will not be forced out of their homes.

There is no word on whether officials will provide the landlord notice of which tenants are making timely rent payments.

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