an interview with Alexis McGee, President:

Piggy bank photoComing up with the money is never the problem when investing in foreclosures. There are more money partners than there are deals,” advises Alexis McGee, who coaches first-time foreclosure buyers.

Investing a wad of cash is not the only way to make money in this market. Research and sign the right deal, then find a money partner for a contract assignment. You get out with a respectable assignment fee, and they take over from there, prepping the property and putting it back on the market. If you’re diligent, you can turn a couple of those assignment deals a month, and in little time become a money partner yourself.”


Although Alexis worked for many years as a commercial broker, today she is pursuing residential foreclose properties. “It’s an easy market,” she explains. “Some people are afraid of foreclosures because they think of the ’80’s, where you had such high inventory and no buyers. But today’s market doesn’t follow that trend. The economic factors- growth, jobs, financing- are still solid today. There’s a good inventory, and buyers.

It’s also important to understand that you are helping people – that’s the only approach that is sustainable. Your deals allow the distressed owner to salvage a good chunk of his equity before it gets devoured by legal fees.

There are particular formulas to follow to be successful:

  • Stick with entry level properties, (but there’s a little more to it)
  • Know how to run the numbers and research so you pay the right price for the house
  • This type of work requires its own skillset, which you can learn.

Alexis can feed you leads from the foreclosure notices, and teach you everything from which types of properties to consider to what to say on the phone when you call a prospective owner. A good way to explore this opportunity is to:

  • Check out and access free articles on foreclosure investing
  • Explore the free deal lead index to find properties in your area
  • Register for a free seven day trial of the lead database
  • Take the home study course. Additional coaching available.

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