New Tool Provides Insights for Multifamily Investors

A sophisticated new tool helps apartment developers, investors, lenders, and owners understand when, where, and at what price new units are being delivered.

Axiometrics Inc., a provider of apartment market data and advisory services, has introduced its Apartment Pipeline solution, which is currently tracking more than 700 properties under construction, and another 2,600 that are planned, across 196 markets.

In total, Axiometrics Pipeline solution covers more than 1,000,000 multifamily units; the large dataset provides the highest level of accuracy and most breadth in the market. For example, during the first quarter of 2012 Axiometrics Pipeline showed 12,417 units completed as compared to other reports that tracked about 7,000 completions.

As strong fundamentals in the apartment market increasingly spur new construction, the Axiometrics Apartment Pipeline provides an in-depth view of how planned, permitted, under-construction, and in-lease up properties will impact effective rents and occupancy by answering the following questions:

What new products are planned for a market, and when will new construction begin?

When will the resulting units be delivered, and at what price?

What will the impact of new supply be on rent levels and occupancy for existing properties?

Where are the prime opportunities for additional construction?

When will the market become overbuilt?

The apartment market has generated extremely strong rent and occupancy growth the past few years, and will continue to do so for the immediate future, said Ron Johnsey, president of Axiometrics. This strength is generating a lot of new apartment construction, especially in high job-growth urban centers. Our Apartment Pipeline solution, which utilizes a proprietary process and the industrys most robust multifamily dataset, enables developers, owners, lenders, and investors to determine where and when new supply will enter the market in any particular month and to make earlier, more informed decisions about its impact. As a result, our Apartment Pipeline clients can look months, and even years, into the future.

At the market, submarket, and property level, the Axiometrics Apartment Pipeline provides planned, permitted, and under-construction detail as well as product delivery schedules and unit pricing throughout lease-up for completed projects. For planned properties, Axiometrics calculates a probability of delivery, enabling earlier decisions to be made based on the likelihood of a proposed project ever hitting the market. In lease-up coverage, Axiometrics includes absorption rates, concessions, occupancy levels, and rental rates, thus providing deep insight into the strength and weakness of a particular market after delivery.

As with its other apartment data solutions, Axiometrics Apartment Pipeline is national in scope, thus it delivers the most comprehensive, precise, and granular pipeline information available. Pipeline information is collected and reported daily, and because the apartment pipeline is integrated into the companys existing reports, clients have an immediate and complete view of the market and current dynamics.

Axiometrics, Inc., measures the performance of the apartment sector every month by surveying more than 20,000 properties and 5.5 million units. Learn more at or by calling 214-953-2242.

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