New Approach to Managing REO’s

Massachusetts based property management company Rivard Real Estate & Management has adopted a novel approach to the property management market. Taking advantage of the glut of foreclosures turned rentals, the company has launched a new website targeted specifically at agents, landlords, and other property management firms focused on REO properties.

The company’s approach is to offer one point of contact for all property management needs including general contracting, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, landscaping, winterization, cleanouts, tenant management, septic, lock changes and more.

The website targets REO agents who often have to wear many hats. Already burdened with sales, they are also taking on general contracting and landlord duties. The site is also aimed at landlords and other property management firms sick of dealing with subcontractors and who need one point of contact for maintenance and construction.

Property management companies and landlords will find us to be a valuable resource for their businesses as well, says company president Chad Rivard. Many times these investors dont have the necessary people in place so they need to make many phone calls and gather multiple bids. They also got into the real estate game to make money, not lose it. Problem tenants, expensive repairs and occupancy are what sink profits. From being in the industry for quite some time, and owning real estate in Worcester County I see this as a huge problem and we aim to solve this for property managers going forward. Our clients call one phone number to fix the HVAC that is not blowing cold and asking also to trim the hedges, and change a door lock while we are there. With a staff of trained tradesman and maintenance professionals we can provide a one stop service so our clients can spend less time on the phone calling yellow page ads and searching Angie’s list.”

The new website is still in early launch phase but provides information on Rivard Real Estate & Managements unique services. To tour the site visit ht+tp://

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