Management Company Sees Profits Rise with Solar Water Heating

Property management firm William Holdings has taken going green to a new level by being the first company in California to install Skyline Innovations solar water heating systems in three of their properties.

Solar hot water has been a commercialized technology for many years. Unfortunately, however, the technology wasn’t all that reliable — until now.

Over the last 30 years, the technology has undergone some major improvements and today it is used widely across the globe. There are whole countries and parts of the world where it’s completely ubiquitous, said Zach Axelrod CEO of Skyline Innovations, a Washington, DC based company.

Aside from being better for the environment, solar heated water is also easier on the pocketbook. It’s a well-known fact in the solar industry that solar hot water pays for itself in as a little as five years and even less in some locations.

William Holdings has installed the solar water heating systems in three of their properties, including a 44-unit building which features a solar water heating system comprised of 20 Kioto flat plate collectors and 595 gallons of solar hot water storage.

Skyline said it provided the solar water heating systems to William Holdings at no upfront cost, and Williams Holdings will receive a 25 percent fixed discount on its utility rate for water heating — not to mention the allure of solar hot water as well.

The installation of the Skyline solar systems caps off a big year for William Holdings who recently announced a joint venture with All Access Placement that will insert their properties as featured locations in television shows and movies.

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