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Landlords required to draft, disclose smoking policy to tenants

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  • Win

    Is the law in effect in CT as well or only in NY?

  • Kim

    The disclosure rule is specific to Buffalo, however, the court cases regarding landlord liability for second-hand smoke are showing up around the country – and the statistics regarding the high demand for nonsmoking rentals are national.

  • CALROB Realty

    My leases here in PA have had a smoking clause in a lease addendum for over 3 years, not only stating that the rental unit and the entire property is a NO SMOKING property (excluding tenant’s right to smoke in their own cars on the parking lot, but not allowed to discard those nasty butts on the grounds), but also that landlord has no liability to the contract tenant whatsoever for negative living, property damage, or health issues resulting from other occupants of the complex smoking in their units or on the grounds and in no event shall the smoking actions of others be grounds under the lease for the contract tenant to terminate the lease.

  • alden okie

    The nonsmoking law is a good idea to protect the landowner. thanks for the info.

  • Diane

    I think this crazy. I am a smoker and when I go to rent a home now I will have to disclose wether I smoke or not. Where are my privacy laws? Do i not have any privacy to my life any more at all?? What are landlords? Insurance companys now too??

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