Landlord to Pay $50,000 After Dissing Tenant’s Boyfriend

helping handsA judge in Alabama has ordered a landlord to pay $49,165 in damages and penalties.

The landlord was charged with discrimination after he objected to a white tenant dating an African American man.

Violations include:

Requiring the African American man to leave the premises because of his race;

Imposing a more restrictive guest policy on the family because they associated with an African American;

Making statements that indicated a preference based on race; and,

Engaging in coercion and intimidation for telling the family member who was dating the African American man that the family had to move out because the landlord didn’t believe in interracial dating.

The landlord turned off the water to the family’s home after observing the African American visitor. When the white female tenant asked what it would take to have the water turned back on, he told her to get rid of the black boyfriend.

The court order requires the landlord to pay the white residents and their African American friend $39,165 in damages and to pay the United States a $10,000 civil penalty. The order also requires the landlord to complete fair housing training before renting out any properties in the future. If he then chooses to rent his properties, he has to provide the local HUD office with copies of any advertisements or leases, and if any applicant is rejected, a statement identifying the reason for the rejection.

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