Landlord Slapped with $700,000 Fine

A court in Pittsburgh has levied fines exceeding $700,000 against a rental property owner for building code violations.

The judge told the landlord that the fines were justified because the landlord had been uncooperative in resolving the allegations by city inspectors, according to a news report.

The fines include $200,000 for not installing illuminated exit signs, and another $200,000 for noncomplying smoke detectors. The remaining figure covers items like foundation cracks, deteriorating chimneys, and bad window and door frames.

The landlord was also fined $100,000 for failing to provide officials with a copy of an engineering inspection report, according to the report.

The judge told reporters that absentee landlords cause neighborhood blight.

The city is offering to negotiate a payment plan, according to the report.

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