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Widow Needs to Convert Home, Office Into Rental
EditorӢs Note: We received this query from a member who would appreciate your help. Please share your advice by leaving your comment below:
I have a large 2 story house, 3500 SF. My late husband and I had a remodeling company and worked on the first floor. The house was single story and built to commercial standards in the 50’s with center block walls and a concrete roof. My late husband built the 2nd story in 1999. He was a general contractor and new the potential of the house.
He passed away in January of this year. I have closed the business as he held the state license, and the knowledge, and construction in our city is basically dead. I have a huge mortgage on the house. I am turning 2 offices into bedrooms, one with a small “desk” area and walk in closet, the other room is smaller with a small closet. I am adding a shower to the bath downstairs.
I am hoping to rent these rooms out with common areas: kitchen, living room, dining room, another desk area, and possibly laundry room downstairs. I am adding a door at the bottom of the stairs and plan to live upstairs.
I have rental property next door, but haven’t done anything as in renting in my home before. Is there anyone out there who can give me tips about this set up, house rules, etc?
I am halfway through the renovations and am researching what I should/need to look for in a prospective roommate/tenant. Also I am in a residential zoning district.
I am not changing the foot print of the house as I will not have a stove/range upstairs.
Please share your thoughts below.
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