Increase profits up to $48 per unit annually with Filtersix managed air filter delivery service

To ensure longevity of the HVAC system it is essential to replace the air filter(s) on schedule. Filters left unattended past expiration can cause unnecessary and costly HVAC system repairs, but how can you be sure your tenants are actually replacing filters on time? offers a managed air filter replacement program for property managers to help maintain the owners HVAC system and create additional revenue in the process. Filtersix provides a high quality Merv8A rated filter that is guaranteed to last six months. This high-end filter makes it easier on the tenant replacing filters only twice per year or three times per year depending on the PM’s preference. There is a low annual cost burden on the tenant while maximizing profits for the property manager by using extreme performing air filters by

How the program works

Filtersix will ship the required filters to each property when it’s time to replace the old filters automatically. Property managers receive a special wholesale flat rate that includes all services and shipping. The property manager markups the price to retail and the tenant pays monthly either added to the rent or an additional accessorial service fee. Filtersix offers the option to release filters every six months or every four months.

Properties with one filter released twice per year provides annual profit of $28 per unit and the tenant pays $6 per month.

Properties with one filter released three times per year provides annual profit of $42 per unit and the tenant pays $9 per month.

Profits go up when there are two filters or more per unit.

Provide Tenants with Better Filters sells Camfil Farr 30/30 air filters in 1” to 2” depth sizes and can offer additional sizes as needed. The Farr 30/30 is the most energy efficient and longest lasting air filter available. Many hospitals and universities use this filter for its consistent particle capture and airflow performance over the entire six month lifetime. The material used is twice as thick as standard V pleat filters and the Radial pleat design further increases capacity. Filtersix filters also provide superior CFM airflow performance reducing the tenants electric bill up to 15%. There is a link to our CFM airflow chart at the bottom of our home page. Go to to learn more.

Property Management Portal

The managed service includes a portal that keeps track of the size filter required per unit and release frequency. Property managers can log into their portal to edit or pause service on any given property. Advance notice of future releases and shipment tracking upon release is also available. Property managers are billed when filters are shipped.

Contact Filtersix at [email protected] or call 833-345-8376 to discuss setting up your air filter replacement program.