How You Can Help Superstorm Sandy Victims

In the wake of superstorm Sandys convergence on the East Coast, charity ranking website has released a list of organizations doing work in all affected areas that have been highly-rated by volunteers, donors and actual people helped by these charities.

The list offers up more than just the usual large organizations, and seeks to highlight small, lesser known nonprofits most effectively helping victims of Sandy. For example, charities such as DC Central Kitchen are open during the disaster to provide food to those in need. The lists of nonprofits covers charities whose missions span from providing food and shelter, to helping reunite storm victims with their lost pets following the disaster.

GreatNonprofits urges potential donors to check this list before giving, in order to find groups highly reviewed by their own volunteers and the people they have actually helped.

It can be really difficult to know who to donate to when a disaster strikes, said GreatNonprofits CEO Perla Ni, We want to showcase highly effective, often local organizations who are really getting the work done and helping people now.

The full list of top-rated Sandy disaster relief nonprofits can be found here:

GreatNonprofits was born out of a desire to find effective nonprofits on the ground during the Hurricane Katrina disaster. GreatNonprofits is a 501(c)(3) and is the oldest and most comprehensive online database of user-generated reviews of charities. Its mission is to inspire and inform donors and volunteers, enable nonprofits to show their impact, and promote greater feedback and transparency.

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