How to Guarantee Rents! AAOA Gets Interviewed About LeaseGuarantee

As a landlord, one of the biggest risks we face is the cost of vacancy or a tenant doing damage. Did you know LeaseGuarantee helps insulate risk in this area?

Watch Stacy Conkey, a long-time LeaseGuarantee client and real estate investor, as she interviews Alexandra Alvarado, Director of Marketing and Education at AAOA, about AAOA’s game-changing Lease Guarantee program! Stacy has guaranteed rent for dozens of tenants and has saved tens of thousands of dollars when her tenants have stopped paying rent, just by using LeaseGuarantee.

In her 30 minute podcast, Stacy Conkey reviews:

    • Her experience using LeaseGuarantee
    • When to use LeaseGuarantee
    • How LeaseGuarantee works (security deposit alternative and supplement)
    • Using LeaseGuarantee to guarantee rent, fill vacancies faster, and get better tenants!

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