Family Sues Landlord After Fire Death

The mother of a 19-year-old who perished in a tragic Christmas Eve fire in 2010 has filed a lawsuit against the landlord.

The attorney for the case, Stephen K. Miller, says he conducted a thorough investigation before filing the lawsuit.

“Our preliminary investigation focused on fire hazards including non-functioning or missing smoke detectors, and whether [the boy] was prevented from escaping the fire due to a broken or altered exit door. The expert findings have led us to file this lawsuit against the property owner and management company for negligence and wrongful death,” Miller says.

Tragically, the mother and a neighbor unsuccessfully tried to open or break the glass on a sliding glass door to rescue the boy who could be seen trapped only a few feet inside. The route to the only other exit door was blocked by fire, and the glass door and screen had been screwed shut and could not be opened.

Miller confirmed that the home was a rental, and that the findings revealed that the landlord did not provide a safe premises in compliance with Florida law.

The mother issued a statement that she hopes her son’s death will result in landlords taking required steps to ensure their tenants are kept safe from fire related hazards.

SOURCE: Law Offices of Stephen K. Miller, P.A.

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