Evictions Made Easy With New Online Service

A tenant who fails to pay rent costs the landlords time and money. The faster the problem tenant is evicted, the less profit a landlord loses.

California attorney and entrepreneur Douglas A. Wright recently launched the completely web-based eviction service, EvictionsInc.com,  with the goal of mitigating that loss as much and as quickly as possible.

Clients are already signing the praises for the service.  One writes, “Fantastic! An eviction has never been easier!”

Wright, a shareholder with the Wright, Ryan & Anderson law firm states EvictionsInc.com differs from other eviction services for two reasons. First, it offers a completely web based case creation and management system handled directly by an attorney —  landlords don’t have to deal with paralegals who can’t answer questions. The client creates an account, submits the case, and logs back into the site to check the status. Second, for residential evictions, its offers attorney representation throughout the case for flat rate attorneys fees.

EvictionsInc.com provides a  Money Back Refund Guarantee in the event the firm prepares a 3 Day Notice to Pay Rent or Quit, and the tenant cures the default  — pays all the rent due or surrenders possession — within that time frame.  In that case, the landlord will receive a full refund of all attorneys fees and any costs less those monies actually paid to the court or vendors — like process servers.

Wright further added that “there is no ‘bait and switch,’ nor is there any confusing ‘a la carte’ eviction procedure menu to choose from.” The price structure is very basic; it covers the entire process, from eviction notice to lockout,” Wright says.

The service is unique, Wright explains, and the firm discloses upfront what the expected costs and fees will be.

The site also provides services for commercial evictions.

Currently, EvictionsInc.com only covers residential and commercial evictions in California. However, the long term goal is to provide these same services in other states.

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