Do You Take Advantage of Halloween?

 Many landlords view Halloween as a scary time, when residents take too many risks, annoy one another, and get downright spooky.

But Halloween can be an excellent time to hold an open house and attract future residents to your community.

For the past seven years, the Timbers of Shorewood, a Illinois rental retirement community, has hosted a “Spook House” in the basement, with a more tame, kid-friendly game alternative available in another area.

Kids of all ages are welcome to attend.

The complex teamed up with a local charity sponsor, and charges admission — up to $5 — which the company donates within the community. Last year, they raised $2,044.

Our Spook House is so much fun, and each year it gets more creepy and spine-chilling” on purpose, of course, said Shelly Goggins, activities director at The Timbers. A less scary alternative happens on the first floor, where a common room is converted into a Halloween game and crafts room.

The open houses take place for about three hours in the evenings.

And by advertising this fun event, the Timbers of Shorewood is able to get the word out about its attractive amenities and leasing options. Not a bad idea if you are looking to support your community — and showcase your rentals at the same time.

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