City Determined to Raze Rental Properties

Landlords in Clarksburg, West Virginia are wondering why their properties are being targeted by the city’s demolition program.

One landlord told the local news that they may go to court to stop what they believe is an improper use of the condemnation process. This landlord has lost six of his 16 properties to demolition. Another lost eight, according to the report.

The landlords contend that their legal rights to due process have been violated. For instance, they say that the building inspector marking the target properties is not properly certified.

The City Manager told reporters that 400 buildings have been demolished over the past few years. He told landlords who don’t keep up their properties to find another line of work.

Yet, the landlords contend that the building inspector may lack the experience needed to make the call on whether a building should be slated for demo.  According to the report, the inspector is planning to take his certification test soon.

City officials say they have the support of the people of Clarksburg.

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