Can Sex Help You Rent Your Apartments?

Pam andersenAstute marketers use Sex to sell everything from tires to toothpaste. But can you use Sex to lease your apartments?

At least one apartment manager thinks so!

Canvass LA, an apartment complex in urban Los Angeles, is pioneering the use of alluring dancers to advertise its apartment rentals.  At night, passers-by can clearly see writhing dancers in the spotlight of Canvass LA’s vacant apartment windows.  Both men and women dancers gyrate non-stop like Saturday Night Fever on steroids.

The apartment complex, which bills itself as a “life changing experience”, professes its apartments are for the style-savvy and discerning art lovers.  The sexy dancers are actually only DVD-infused pictures, but it’s their advertising effect that makes them stand out from the ercrowded rental marketplace in Los Angeles.

Can the drive behind sex appeal work for your advertising?  Marketing Guru Mary McKnight thinks so.  And Mary doesn’t need exotic dancers to prove it.  Instead, through her blog, she teaches realtors to successfully write and promote their real estate business, using online tools like search engine optimization, search engine marketing and blogging.

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