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AquaTrip: A New Level of Control for Your Properties

aqua trip

Water damage, leaks and mold are the cause of major headaches for many in property management. More than inconvenient, they are often expensive and time consuming to repair. According to insurance industry data, pipe failures are the leading cause of water damage, costing an average of $5,000 per incident to fix with toilet overflows and leaks coming in a close second. While fire is often thought of as the most devastating and worrisome to many property managers, according to Travelers Insurance, water damage is ten times more likely to occur.

How do You Protect Your Properties?

AquaTrip is a permanently installed leak detection system that constantly monitors the entirety of a building’s plumbing. If an abnormality is detected, AquaTrip is able to shut off the water supply and maintenance will be notified of the issue. AquaTrip saves you money by curbing potential water damage, reducing excessive water bills and controlling the potential for mold overgrowth.

Using cutting-edge technology, AquaTrip is able to monitor even the lowest of flow rates while also being programmable to normal water consumption for its building. It is able to detect abnormal water flow due to leaks, plumbing emergencies or a faucet that’s been left on. AquaTrip is equipped with an automatic shutoff valve that allows it to stop water flow upon detecting an irregularity. AquaTrip alerts the assigned point of contact for the building to the flow irregularity so it can be addressed promptly. When water is needed or ready to be supplied again, AquaTrip is easily switched back on.

AquaTrip provides a unique level of value for property managers. It prevents and curbs expensive and inconvenient water damage from taking place while also saving money on water bills by detecting even minor leaks. This cuts down on service calls and helps to save on expensive off-hours plumbing charges. Additionally, AquaTrip’s versatility allows it to work on even older plumbing systems, giving you a window of control over aging pipes, too. AquaTrip’s ability to curb water damage and assist you in addressing leaks early on, has the added benefit of controlling mold overgrowth in your properties.

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Golden State Flow Management (GSFM) is the exclusive distributor of AquaTrip leak detection systems in the United States. In bringing AquaTrip to market, we bring with us our twenty years of experience in the conservation, management and optimization of water and its revenue. We are proud of our legacy of providing superb service and collaboration to our clients. AquaTrip gives us a unique opportunity to leverage that experience within a larger market and to offer the property management industry a truly innovative and useful product.