A Sign of the Times? Popular Real Estate Magazine Moves to Online-Only Format

Digital Is Where The Action Is
Daily Newspaper shutterstock_1272343108Beginning with its February issues, New York House Magazine, which focuses on real estate, green building and design, will only be available online.

“The focus will remain the same but our valuable content will now be delivered on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis to mobile users and online readers,” says Jonathan A. Schein, President and CEO of  the magazine’s publisher, ScheinMedia.

He adds that this decision was based on the realization that digital is where the media action will be in the future.

The decision comes at a time when newspaper publications across the country are downsizing amidst ever-decreasing subscription numbers and increased costs.

“It became strikingly apparent, after polling our readers and advertisers, that we’ve taken the right step,” states Mr. Schein. “Going online will give our readers the immediate impact they are so used to in this digital age. Further to the point, the advantages to our advertisers is obvious in the immediacy of the response to their own individual websites, digital and mobile strategies, ” Mr. Schein emphasizes. Although New York House will be in a digital format, there will still be stand-alone print supplements from time to time.”

Beginning with the February edition, New York Housewill deliver its content along with news, videos, products, people, and featured properties daily on multiple platforms including iPad, smart phones, and web.

This is a trend likely to continue, and real estate professionals may need to get used to the idea of carrying the Internet with them rather than hard-copy newspapers and magazines, and taking advantage of  a new frontier in advertising opportunities with a more real-time look and feel.

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