10 Most Common Apartment Complaints

 Want to know what’s most likely to upset your tenants?

National tenants rights organization Rental Protection Agency just released this year’s apartment complaint trends report detailing tenants’ Top 10 complaints.

Security deposit disputes ranked number on of the list. Bed bugs came in second.

“We aren’t surprised by the #1 ranking,” claims Rental Protection Agency Director Scott Paxton, “but we are concerned about the rapid climb in bed bug related complaints which this year rank as the 2nd most common apartment complaint filed by tenants.”

On a happier note, RPA received fewer complaints from tenants over landlord foreclosures, signaling an improved economy.  

RTA’s rankings are based solely on tenant-filed complaints handled by the agency and are not location-biased. The list is comprised from thousands of complaints received by tenants nationwide and includes data from all 50 States.

The full Top 10 list includes:

1- Deposit Refund Disputes

2- Bed Bug Infestations

3- Repair Problems

4- Apartment Noise Complaints

5- Health Hazards / Safety Related Problems

6- Other Pests or Apartment Infestations

7- Black Mold

8- Breach of Agreement

9- Eviction Complaints

10- Lease Terminations

The Rental Protection Agency’s complaint center was designed to help both landlord and tenant resolve problems quickly and without emotion. The RPA consumer rights organization provides resources to both landlords and tenants through their website.

More details are available on the RTA website at http://www.rentalprotectionagency.com/tenant-rights/10-most-common-apartment-complaints

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