Writing Descriptive Listings: A How-To Guide For Property Owners

You have an amazing apartment available. Or maybe you’re psyched to sell a home or condo. Listing a property online or in the classifieds is sure to draw some level of interest from the pool of tenants or buyers you are seeking, but experts say you have only 3 seconds to earn the attention of an ad reader – and the typical listing description is utterly uninspiring.

Does the following sound all too familiar? Property listing: Facts only. In black/white, often literally. Basic info included. No imagination, please. Call today if still awake. Yawn.

The best listing description in a competitive market is one that instead seizes the attention of potential buyers or tenants, enticing them with dazzling descriptions. Swiftly whisk their imaginations into a picture that portrays the enjoyable experiences that will come with living in that particular space. If families are your target tenants, for instance, play up particulars about the fantastic family room, plus the proximity of parks and schools. And do it without exaggeration — many prospective buyers or tenants can see right through hyperbole, and it will send them looking elsewhere.

The accompanying property listing description guide provides an outline for writing an effective property description. An example is included, along with 10 words that experts say add value to a listing.

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