Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #98: Smart Maintenance

landlord helpVeteran home inspector Jim Troth with Habitation Investigation LLC has recently developed a Smart phone application that provides maintenance tips to property owners.

Once the free application is uploaded, a tiny icon on the phone serves as a reminder that the information is there.

The tips for keeping a home in good condition and safe will change monthly, and are  based on the experience from inspecting hundreds of homes.

“Many homeowners do not check certain areas of their home as often as they should. This application is a free service that will provide timely reminders of what to check and when to check. The tips are largely based on the common areas I find on homes that need help or often get neglected,” Troth explains.

For landlords or property managers in Central Ohio, there is also a part of the phone application that can be used to schedule an inspection. “Some clients are not comfortable climbing on to the roof or actually going in to the attic or crawl space. I can do inspections on just those areas if desired.”

Overall Troth is hoping that the application helps homeowners take better care of their homes.

The application can be found at:

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