Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #67: Off-Season Rates
by Gary Zaremba
Schedule annual boiler inspections now. Late summer prices are cheaper, and this way you avoid costly repairs in mid-winter under landlord helpcrisis conditions.
Change filters at the beginning of the season for better efficiency, which will lower utility bills. Change filters again during the winter season to maintain top efficiency.
Older casement style windows can be drafty and the glass lites thin. If the landlord is paying for heat, cover older windows with thick plastic or install storms on the inside to add thermal protection. Even if the landlord is not paying the heating bills, this is still a good idea. If the tenants’ energy bills are lower, they can afford to pay the rent on time as their overall apartment expenses are manageable.

Gary Zaremba, owner of PepZee Realty, is a 20-year property manager veteran, develops affordable housing in New York and Ohio, is a construction specialist and frequent lecturer, and owns Artisan Restoration Group, providing building restoration services in New York City.

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