Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #38: Voice Mail Made Easy

by Greg Standerfer

What happens to a tenant who calls your office when your lines are busy or you dont answer?

Most managers would say it goes to their voice mail.

So later, they call to listen to their messages then sort them and distribute them to leasing agents or maintenance, etc.

There is a service that streamlines this cumbersome process by forwarding your voice mail to email.

The voice messages can be delivered to a person’s email as an audio attachment.

Sorting messages is much easier when its in this form, and that can improve the efficiency of any office.

To find out more about your Voice Mail to Email Phone System, visit,, or These services set up your office phone so it forwards to them automatically when your lines are all busy or you dont answer after a few rings.

This innovative tool can be useful even if you only have a single phone line — and its more important the fewer lines you have!

Greg Standerfer has been a television and telephone engineer since 1982. He currently owns Virtual Phone System Store (a division of Answer Idaho LLC) and coaches small business owners and entrepreneurs on phone systems and services. Questions? Call Greg at 877-659-4999.

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