Landlord Quick Tip #275

Tip # 275: Musical Chairs

 After a news story broke recently about two vacationers who moved into a Palm Springs condo through temporary lodging website Airbnb and now refuse to leave, claiming to have the legal protections of month-to-month tenants, landlords have cause to review their policies on guests and subletting.

The owner in this case now has to spend the time and money to pursue an eviction action. Think of what that would cost you if your tenants decide to use Airbnb to generate some extra revenue.

Unscreened guests place other tenants and the property at risk. There are a number of precautions landlords can take to reduce the problems associated with these unauthorized guests:

1. Make sure all intended occupants are listed on the lease agreement.
2. Restrict subletting so tenants have to seek your written consent before allowing strangers into the building or unit.
3. Spell out a guest policy that requires long-term guests to undergo a tenant check.
4. Know your occupancy limits.
5. Retain the right to evict a tenant who violates the guest or sublet policies.
6. Require tenants to maintain renters insurance with a liability rider.

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