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Tip #27: Sweeten the Deal
This tip is submitted by Property Manager Claude Smith:
Present For the past few years, I have used an incentive package for my tenants, that keeps my properties rented, and money in my pocket. I’d like to share it with you:
We the owners of A.J. Endsley LLC would like to propose the following incentives.1. We like the rent paid on time. a. Therefore, at the end of the first year with us, we will refund to you, one percent ( 1.0 % ) of your base monthly rent for every month that you consecutively paid the rent on time.

b. So, if you paid your rent on time for all of the 12 months, we will refund to you eleven percent ( 11.0 % ) of the base monthly rent.

c. If you are still renting from us, these refunds will be delivered to you, IN CASH, early the next December, In an envelope, Labeled: “Merry Christmas”.

d. If you are ever late with the rent, or default on the lease in any way, the counter will be reset to zero, and you will have to start all over again.

2. We like you to stay with us for a long time.

a. The above Item (1) is cumulative, that is, if your stay with us is longer than one year, it continues into the second and subsequent years.

b. So, if you pay the rent on time for 3 years ( 36 Months ) at the end of that third year, we will refund to you, thirty five percent ( 35.0 % ) of the base monthly rent.

c. All of the other conditions of Item (1) Apply.

d. The maximum that we will refund is fifty percent ( 50.0 % ) of one month’s rent.

3. We like to keep the property rented and minimize vacant time.a. From time to time, we will inform you when one of our other units becomes available.

b. If you refer to us a suitable candidate to rent this, or any of our other units, and they stay with us for one year, we will give to you, one-forth ( 25.0 % ) of their first month’s rent.

c. If they stay a second year, we will give you an additional one-forth ( 25.0 % ) of their monthly rent at the end of that second year.

4. We want you to be energy efficient.

a. We have installed Low Water Usage Toilets, Shower Heads, Water Heater, Light Bulbs, and a High Efficient Heater. We encourage you to keep the temperatures to a comfortable, but conservative range.

b. Basically, lower the thermostats whenever possible. Quicker showers. Water Less.

c. This house now, has _____ High Efficient Light Bulbs. We will return to you, $2.00 for every extra one that is present when you exit the property, at the end of your rent.

5. Both Agent and Renter(s) understand and agree to these terms.

Renter (add a line for each renter)

Claude W Smith is the Owner/Manager/Chief Bottle Washer of A.J. Endsley, LLC, a Property, Rental Company in San Diego, California.

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