Landlord Quick Tip #254

Tip #254: Easy Fix

 Garbage disposals are a popular amenity for tenants, and offer the added advantage of reducing odors from trash. But if the disposal isn’t cleaned once in awhile, it can take on an odor of its own.

One of the easiest and safest ways to clean the disposal is by using ice. Simply toss some cubes in and let it churn. While opinions are split on whether this process can actually sharpen the blades, it will knock off the debris built up on the sharp edges, eliminating odors and improving performance.

For more odor-fighting power, pour in a small quantity of vinegar or lemon juice with the ice — or, you can make vinegar or lemon juice ice cubes and kill two birds with one stone.

For purists, chop orange or lemon rinds into small pieces and freeze. Use this in place of ice.

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