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Tip #217: No Thanks for the Memories…

price reducedThere’s nothing worse than having a unit that smells like cigarette smoke. Well, almost nothing worse — especially if you’re trying to rent to a non-smoker.

A smelly unit is not going to command top rent, and may sit vacant — at least until it airs out.

While there are lots of products on the market which claim to rid a household of cigarette smoke, savvy landlords employ some very cost-effective solutions:

First, be sure and clean any carpets and draperies in the unit. Stale smoke loves to linger in fabrics. But that is unlikely to solve the problem entirely, since the smoke will permeate every porous surface.

Perhaps the best (and least expensive) way is to purchase a gallon of white vinegar. Mix the vinegar in a 50% solution of tap water, and wipe over the walls in your unit.

After youre done with this task, purchase a package of Styrofoam bowls and fill the bowls half full of full concentrate white vinegar.

Set the bowls around your rental, especially in rooms where there is a concentration of porous surfaces.

If the smell still lingers after a few days, refill the bowls and start again.
Youll be surprised at how well this simple solution works!

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