Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #20: Getting it Rented… Today!
First impressions don’t just count, they can cost you… big time!
Even if you are not in an area experiencing record high vacancies, tenants hear the news on the rental climate, and they are feeling empowered. The longer your unit is on the market, the more you’ll scare away prospects.
Do what it takes to make the place look top-notch BEFORE you run your ad:
  • Soak the dry spots in the lawn
  • Replace or clean the kickplate on the front door
  • Tame the shrubs
  • Clean the windows
  • Debug the outdoor lighting fixtures
  • Replace faded ‘for rent’ signs
  • Do something cute around the mailbox
  • Clean up the entry
Your property doesn’t have to look new to be appealing — just tidy. Top home stagers know it pays to engage the senses — smell as well as sight. Beautiful, fragrant flowers around the entrance go a long way. So does the aroma of just-baked cookies wafting through an open window. If all else fails, offer your prospects some fresh fruit to sample as they tour. They’ll remember your property as peachy!
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