Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #193:  Gotta Have It!

Hoarding — the obsession to collect and retain too many belongings — is a dangerous practice that costs landlords. Hoarding causes property damage, encourages pest infestations and other health risks, and compromises the safety of the tenant and those around them.

To avoid hoarding in your rental properties:

Include “anti-hoarding” provisions in your lease, like specifying that stairwells, hallways, exits, patios or balconies, and vents must all be kept clear; storage is limited to the spaces provided; and, prohibiting stockpiles of flammable materials that become fire tinder. Reserve the right to evict a tenant who cannot abide by the rules.

Limit the overall number of pets that can reside in the unit, subject to eviction.

Perform frequent inspections to ensure that pathways are clear and the property meets fire and building codes.

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