Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #166:  Cost-Cutter

One of the best ways for landlords to cut costs and attract good tenants is to go smoke-free.

Advocates for smoke-free rental properties, including HUD, HHS, the American Lung Association, and the American Academy of Pediatrics have joined forces to provide a free tools to landlords who want to switch to smoke-free rentals.

This new toolkit includes HUDs guidance to public housing authorities and multifamily housing landlords, a guide to implementing no-smoking policies, a sample resident survey, frequently asked questions, and other useful resources.

When instituting a smoking ban, landlords also are encouraged to:

Advertise units as non-smoking to attract tenants who either dont smoke or only smoke outside;

Talk to prospective tenants about their smoke-free policy when showing the property;

Include no-smoking policies in lease agreements and read through the rule with te-nants as they sign their lease;

Display no-smoking signage in buildings and on the property;

Consider partnering with organizations to offer smoking cessation support to residents;

Inform tenants that if they smoke in their units, they will be financially responsible for the costs of restoring the unit;

Use the same warning/enforcement methods for smoke-free rule violations used for any other lease infractions; and

Visit and inspect properties regularly.

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