Landlord Quick Tip

Tip #120:  Sleep Easier

searching under the bedNo landlord wants to bring up the subject of bedbugs with tenants.

Unfortunately, the scary stories are everywhere–including the most recent discovery that the bugs may spread disease, and tenants are bound to get spooked.

There’s a new device that can detect bedbugs at the first sign, and at the same time offers reassurance if there are no bedbugs in the unit.

Landlords benefit by finding out early if the unit is affected, so the bugs can be exterminated before they spread everywhere and frighten all the tenants.

That saves money, and means fewer complaints from tenants.

Bed Bug Alert is a clear, safe, rigid plastic about the size of a business card that slips under the mattress or into other tight spaces where bedbugs are suspected. A special gel inside the device, containing human pheromones, attracts and traps bedbugs if they are present, alerting the user to the problem before its too late.

Bed Bug Alert users have to inspect the device daily. If a bedbug shows up, the tenant can prove it, and the landlord can bring in a local pest control company right away.  And if there are no bugs, users can sleep sound knowing they are safe.

The devices will be in local stores soon, or for more information, CLICK HERE.

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