Tenant Wins Eviction Case

Rock singer, actress and celebrity widow Courtney Love was in a Manhattan court this month fighting an eviction case filed by her landlord for nonpayment of rent.

In court documents, the landlord claimed Love owed him over $50,000–two months rent, and he wanted her out. He also raised the allegation that Love had altered the apartment in violation of the lease, according to a report in Rolling Stone.

Originally, the landlord required Love to pay six month’s rent at a time. Later, however, he backed off of that demand and allowed Love to pay monthly. After accepting a couple monthly payments, the landlord decided to go back to the terms of the original lease, according to the report.

The judge agreed with Love that the subsequent agreement, sealed by the landlord’s acceptance of the monthly payments, superceded the original lease. Because she doesn’t yet owe the rent, she can’t be evicted for not paying it.

Love gets to stay in her posh digs, at least for now, and the landlord got an important — albeit expensive — lesson in contract law.
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