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As a landlord, you’re expected to use forms to rent your property, to notify your tenants if they’re late on rent, and to proceed on eviction notices. But how good are these forms? Will they hold up in the court of law? Does it make sense to pay a
landlord form rental formslawyer for the same forms that you can get off the Internet? Let’s explore the possible reasons for why you would want to use forms off the Internet versus consulting a lawyer.

Making the Case for Lawyers

Forms aren’t everything. Although there are many good forms out there you may have some situations where it could be wise to consult a lawyer just in case. If your renting situation is unique it may be necessary to consult a lawyer prior to renting your property.  If you do not feel comfortable becoming a landlord and need to seek legal advice, you may want to consult with an attorney.  If and when you have questions pertaining to specific landlord tenant laws in your area, you may want to seek legal advice.  Lawyers and attorneys can be extremely helpful in the right circumstance.

Making the Case for Landlord Forms

If you are renting a property that’s fairly standard, such as an apartment or single-family dwelling, it’s hard to justify the cost one has to pay for a lawyer when you can easily find the right forms online at a fraction of the cost. Many lawyers will offer legal and form packages which may appear to be saving you money but the services and forms offered may never be utilized. You can spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lawyer’s fees for basic paperwork, whereas, you pay a fraction of the cost when it comes to purchasing a simple legal form such as a rental application or lease agreement.

Always get legal forms from a reputable company, like the American Apartment Owners Association. Otherwise, you may have purchased a form that is worse than useless. An incorrectly worded form could cost you money and could cause headaches down the road if you use it.

So Which Is Right for You?

So, should you get an attorney or should you pick up some forms from a legal company? It really depends on your circumstance and situation. Having someone like an attorney explain things to you can help immensely. At the same time, if you already understand the basic rental agreements and other documents, getting a legal document or form from an apartment association will save you time and money. You can check out our landlord legal forms here.

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