How to List your Rental Property: Essential Items for an Effective Listing

The internet has simultaneously made it easier and harder to list available rentals. On one hand, you can now reach hundreds or thousands of potential tenants with one well-placed listing or by using the right website. On the other hand, other landlords have the same advantages. This means that your listing has to be good, and that means that you absolutely must list certain information.

To that end, here are some essential items that every rental listing should include.

  • Listing a property Shutterstock_2249403143 (1) Price: This may seem obvious, and in some facets it is. You have to list the monthly price. However, don’t forget the extras. What is included, and what isn’t included? Honest landlords should give as much information as possible in a listing including how and when they collect rent. After all, this will help save you time and weed out tenants who may not be able to afford everything that isn’t included in the price.
  • Pictures: Pictures are absolutely required with any listing, as you want to give your potential tenant an idea of just how attractive your space will be. Make sure to give your property a full cleaning before you take pictures, and do what you can to ensure that you are getting the best pictures possible, even if that means hiring a professional photographer.
  • Neighborhood amenities: When someone moves into a new apartment or home, they aren’t just moving for the amount of storage space or the size of their bedrooms. They will want to know what is around them. What sort of stories, mass transportation access, entertainment facilities or parks are nearby? Is the listing near or in any particularly trendy district? How are the schools? What are the popular restaurants and bars? What is it about the neighborhood will attract someone to your listing – is it great for singles or perfect for families?
  • Facility amenities: If you have an apartment complex or home, you should make sure to list other items that will be available within the facility. Does it have a washer and dryer? Is there a gym or large common area they can use? What else is available beyond the living quarters, but still within the main building or home?
  • A solid description: Despite the desperately needed emphasis on things like pictures and amenities, you still need to use appropriate and accurate descriptive words to paint a picture of what the apartment is like. How big is the space you are renting? How would you describe it – classical? Modern? Unique? Furthermore, your description should thematically blend. Make sure to use appropriate and linked words to create a total idea of what the rental is like.
  • On-site support: What sort of maintenance and assistance can you or your facility offer someone who is moving in or renting an apartment? Is maintenance on-site? Can they do emergency repairs? What are the expectations when it comes to general maintenance? If your building goes above and beyond in this area, make sure to describe what it is you do. This may be the item that gives you the leg-up you need.

Remember, these days, there is no shortage of listings. Your job is to create a listing that will generate a maximum amount of interest, enabling you to get the best price possible for your rental.

Source: PayRent

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