Hottest Smart Home Devices of 2021

In the year 2021 technology has begun to advance further than our imaginations. At this point, we can control almost everything in our homes without even having to be inside them. You can do much more than simply open the garage door from your car. Now we can turn on lights, use our phones to adjust the temperature, and even get an answer to your question even though you may be home by yourself.

Adding smart devices to your home creates convenience around every turn, and in most rooms throughout your property. Not to mention, companies that buy houses will typically pay a higher price for properties that come with these items. Below is a list of incredible smart home devices that are coming out this year, and how they can enhance your home.

Amazon Echo

Everyone has been raving over the Amazon Echo for quite a few years now. The Amazon Echo is a smart home device that acts as a virtual assistant in the form of a smart speaker.

With the command from the owner’s voice, the Amazon Echo can search the internet, turn on lights, and answer almost any question you have. In 2021, Amazon released its fourth generation of the Echo, packed with innovative new features. Some of those new features include a new sleek look of a sphere and a built-in Zigbee receiver hub that allows you to control the lights, cameras, and anything else that you have connected in your home.

Philips Hue

Want to have your lights turned on before you enter? Are you someone who typically forgets to turn off a light before you leave? With Philips Hue smart light bulbs you can control the lights in your house from anywhere in the world right from your cell phone.

Not only are you able to turn them on and off from your phone, but you can also set the ambiance by dimming the lights or changing the color settings to feel like you’re at a party. Philips Hue also can integrate with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor

What better way to bring extra protection to your home than by adding motion sensors. Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor is a new smart home device that comes with a high-quality alert system for an affordable price. The Kangaroo Motion and Entry Sensor is a small device that is synced to your phone via Bluetooth.

Each time someone or something moves past the sensor it will alert your phone. You can arm and disarm your phone through the app and look at any cameras that you have synced to the Kangaroo through your phone.

August Smart Lock 3rd Generation

Did you ever think you can control the actual lock on your door by the sound of your voice? With the smart home device August Smart Lock, you can use your voice or your phone to do just that. Attached to your existing lock, the August Smart Lock that comes with Door Sense that notifies if your door is left unlocked or is securely locked.

All of which is done through your mobile phone. This device allows homeowners to give others access to their homes if they are not yet home. It can also be connected to an Alexa device hub.

Regardless of what direction you decide to take with adding smart devices into your house, realize that they can add convenience in nearly any room. If there is something that runs on electricity or wifi, there’s a great chance that you can optimize it through a smart device. Let your creative juices flow when considering smart devices for your home in 2021.