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If you have a rental apartment where you pay for any of the utilities, one of the things you want to do is keep your costs down. There are a number of ways to do that, including making your apartment more energy efficient. For property owners who aren’t sure how to do that, here are some suggestions

 Energy EfficientWindows and Doors

Old windows and doors can let a lot of air move between an apartment and the outdoors, or even the apartment and the corridors of the building. There are two ways to reduce that airflow and increase energy efficiency. One of those is to replace the doors and windows with newer options that seal better and stop so much air from shifting from one place to another. If you can’t afford to replace the windows and doors, you can caulk around windows and install new weather stripping around the doors to prevent some of the airflow and make the apartment more energy efficient.

Heating and Cooling

The kind of heating and cooling systems you have for your rental apartment also matter. Heat pumps are very efficient in most climates, but they don’t work well when it’s extremely cold, so it’s important to consider the kind of climate your rental is located in. If you have baseboard heat or wall heaters in your rental apartment, you may find that the bills are very high, since those kinds of heating systems are often terribly inefficient. Radiator heat is also not that energy efficient, but is common in many older buildings. Upgrading to a forced air furnace and an air conditioning unit for the entire rental complex can be the best choice, but there is an initial expense that has to be considered.

Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Older light bulbs are inefficient when it comes to how much energy they use. They also tend to burn out quickly, and have to be replaced often. Fixtures that are very old may also need replacing, because they often don’t hold up to a lot of usage as well as newer, more modern options. When replacing the light bulbs in your rental unit, consider LED or other energy efficient options. They cost more up front, but they will last a long time and reduce the power bills for you or your tenant. Over time, they easily pay for themselves.


Replacing appliances can be costly, but eventually it will need to be done. When you find that your rental apartment needs a new appliance, buy one that’s Energy Star rated. You want the most efficient appliances you can get that fall into your price range. While these appliances may cost a little more than you were expecting to spend, over time they will be well worth the cost. The power bills for the rental unit will be lower, enticing tenants to be there longer. If you pay the utilities on the rental apartment as part of the rent, you’ll also be able to save money each month.

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