Flooring For the Future

by Ilana Nevins
Carpet samplesThe quest to create more environmentally friendly products has entered into every field. Today, companies have designed ways in which to manufacture carpet through recycled materials.
Greenfloors, an industry leader in recycled flooring, incorporates ecologically efficient materials to create sturdy, long lasting carpets. Greenfloors carpets are made with a minimum of 25% recycled content and can be recycled. Because these carpets can be recycled they will divert non-decomposing products from landfills, resulting in decreased dumping fees and helping to preserve our land for generations to come.

Other manufacturers such as Mohawk’s everSTRAND carpets use 100% post-consumer recycled content from plastic bottles.
The customers that use these products are guaranteed the lowest emission interior products in the market. The flooring industry currently provides indoor air quality testing certifications to create new standards for the environmentally conscious owner. These commercial carpets have the same industry performance standards as carpets lacking recycled content.
Greenfloors offers a warranty for high traffic wear, fire rating, stain resistance, and color fade.
Today, apartment owners do not need to sacrifice their quality products to protect the environment. They can enjoy high quality, low costs and endless options as they assure a better future. These carpets, and other flooring products, guarantee that the amount of waste and toxicity entering our landfills today will decrease.  
Whatever color carpet you choose, remember to make sure it’s green.

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