Energy conservation = Cost savings

Are You Transforming Energy Conservation Into Multifamily Savings?

Livable strives to promote conservation through billing and education. Our team is dedicated to helping tenants reduce consumption and in turn add to your bottom line. As a property manager, there are several practices you can stick to that will make your part in energy conservation easier.

Educate Your Tenants

○ Determine how your tenants currently use their space – break down each unit in terms of water, gas, and electricity usage. Let us help you with this!
○ Identify opportunities for improvements – we have suggestions at Livable!
○ Provide a plan or a checklist so tenants know what they can work to improve → update monthly to keep tenants current on their progress toward the goal and offer rewards and recognition. Need advice? We’re happy to share!
Download Livable’s E-Book on conservation and share it with your tenants – sometimes great info is free!

Go Smart

These days there is a “smart” version offered of almost everything – basic home amenities such as washing machines and fridges have been fitted with communication technology, either through automation or remote control. Smart homes provide convenience, help reduce energy, and can even save you money.

Enroll in a Ratio Billing System

Learn how to report on various types of energy data and how to understand that data. Livable offers a RUBS program designed to customize allocation factors and billing frequency for your property and issue fair and accurate billing to each tenant. A cost-effective solution for property owners to recoup expenditures while also proportionately sharing conservation responsibility with residents in a fair and acceptable manner. How does it work?

● Enroll Your Building
● Invite Tenants To Sign Up
● Send Us Your Bill
● Livable Allocates Utilities And Bills Tenants
● Tenants Pay Online
● You Get A Monthly Check

Enrolling with Livable doesn’t cost, it saves – both energy and dollars.

Livable serves thousands of apartment industry professionals, from independent owners to large investment entities. Whatever your portfolio size, book a call with a team member to learn more about the cost-saving system that will work for you.

Smart Saver Tip

Did you know that nearly 22% of the average household’s water usage goes to doing laundry? Luckily there are some easy ways to stop water-wasting washers. Start by taking a few minutes to check for leaks at hose connections and remember to replace hoses every three to five years. Make sure to look under the appliances for moisture and check the plumbing lines for leaks as well. A bigger step could be to invest in a newer front-loading washer, which uses a fraction of the water of a top loader.