New Surveys Show Confidence in Real Estate Market Recovery

End of rainbowProperty Manager and Investment Broker Chris Hyzy of Dallas recently polled his community of investors by asking “What would make you, a potential investor in real estate, purchase a home?”

He was somewhat surprised by the results that came through, as were many others.

Here is the breakdown of the five poll selections:

47% – The home would generate income fast.

20% – Market and economic stability.

17% – Would not purchase now.

11% – Previous experience in Real Estate Investments.

2% – Knowledgeable Realtors.

From the survey results, nearly half of those polled would purchase a home right now, even in the economic situation we are facing, if the home generated income fast. This is a huge percentage of clients who are still interested in real estate investments €” and have not lost all hope!

Hope also prevails in a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors. In numbers released Monday, the survey finds one in four adults polled still plans to purchase a house in the next five years.

Chris Hyzy, is an investment broker and property manager with BG Leasing in Dallas.

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