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No credit check loans for deal nationwide

 One of the most difficult tasks for real estate investors is finding long term funding.

That’s because many banks require a credit check. But, not all investors have the credit that banks are looking for.

Not only that, but rehabbers, flippers, landlords, and others don’t have the time to wait for credit approval.

That has more and more investors looking into using private lenders. By using private lenders, investors can avoid wasting time with credit approvals and instead can focus on doing more deals.

“It isn’t an easy task to research and contact private lenders,” say Cameron Dunlap, one of the nation’s leading real estate investors. ” This is a huge obstacle for investors that cause many to fail in the real estate business.”

This is no longer the case. Dunap has created the Private Lender Data Feed, Now, any investor can easily access and contact private lenders in their area.

Dunlap says he released so that investors could find funding without the hassle of credit checks and banks. He appreciates and understands the time and resources it takes to find qualified and willing lenders to fund deals. Why spend hours on end searching for private lenders when one can find hundreds or thousands in less than a minute using We want investors to be able to easily access private lenders in any market. consists of a nationwide database of private lenders that have by public record proven their desire and ability to loan money privately on real estate. Investors have access to the entire database but can search to find local lenders in any market. This process has been simplified even further so that investors simply enter a zip code and radius, and the system finds all of the possible lenders within that area.

Using private funds helps investors make more money, take control of their deals, avoid credit checks, and so much more. With investors will not only find a list of private lenders they can contact, but they will have the ability to easily reach out to them. Not one lender, but many. This means that investors have the option to contact who they want to and work with.
The Private Lender Data Feed is making it easier for beginner and experienced real estate investors to take control and manage their deals. The number of available lenders grows every month, and each investor has access to all lenders. Finding no credit check loans has never been so simple.

For more information on no credit check loans and access to private lenders across the nation, visit

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