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Imagine your tenant violates their lease agreement in more ways than one. They seemed normal at first, but now neighbors are complaining, they’re damaging your home, they’ve stopped paying rent, adopted a pet, and changed the locks to keep you out. What a nightmare! So what do you do as a landlord when that happens? Even better, how can you prevent it from happening in the first place?

We’ve partnered with Nolo, the premier provider of do-it-yourself products that let you handle legal matters on your own. Before hiring an expensive lawyer, educate yourself with Nolo’s landlord guides.

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Nolo’s bestselling book Every Landlord’s Legal Guide helps you:elli13_1_1

  • Prepare leases and rental agreements (in English or Spanish)
  • Collect and return deposits
  • Minimize your liability
  • Includes more than three dozen essential legal forms!

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Managing a rental property sounds easy in theory, but in reality things can get much trickier than expected. You’d think signing to a clear cut legal lease agreement would make tenants behave, but the truth is lease agreements get broken all the time. Here is a full list of the guides that can help prepare you and save you when you need it:

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•             Every Landlord’s Guide to Finding Great Tenantsrealtor keys couple home landlord

•             Every Landlord’s Guide to Managing Property

•             Every Landlord’s Tax Deduction Guide

•             Every Texas Landlord’s Legal Guide

•             First-Time Landlord

•             Get Your Security Deposit Back

•             Leases & Rental Agreements

•             Mold and Your Rental Property

•             Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business

•             Renters’ Rights

•             The California Landlord’s Law Book: Evictions

•             The California Landlord’s Law Book: Rights & Responsibilities

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