Can you rescue your rental’s bathtub or should you replace it?

To recast? Or not to recast? That is the question we will be answering today. In short, most tubs deserve a second life – even if a tenant hasn’t been the best at taking care of it. Recasting your tub will renew the life of the original tub and is so much less expensive than replacing it. Below is Refinished Bath Solutions guide to recasting vs. replacing.

Still need help after reading this guide? Call 877-882-2278 to speak to a recasting specialist who can help you determine what to do with you tub.

Minor Cracked tub – RECAST

Cracks can be filled with car bondo and sanded smooth.

Minor Cracked Tub

Major Crack or Hole in Tub – REPLACE

This crack is and hole are too big. No sense falling through the floor. Sorry.  You need a new tub.

Discolored Rusty Tub – RECAST

Sand smooth with 220-320 grit sandpaper then use our bonding primer for a better stick.

Tub Has a Major Flex – REPLACE

If you catch air by jumping on your tub, you should replace  refinish and recasting will not work long term with big flex.  Cracking and peeling is inevitable long term.

Rusted Bathtub – RECAST

You’ll want to sand the bathtub smooth with 220-320 grit sandpaper. Then use our wipe on the bathtub refinishing bonding primer for a better stick.

Severe Rust Or Corroded Bathtub – REPLACE

If your foot goes through the tub you should replace.

Peeling/Flaking Bathtub – RECAST

Peel up what you can of the old finish. Sand the rest smooth with 400 grit sandpaper.

Loose or Falling Surround Tiles – RECAST BUT…

You’ll need to fix the surround first.  Clean out the tub and pour.

Chipped or Dented Bathtub – RECAST

If necessary (larger than 1/8”), fill with car bondo. You can also use our wipe on the bathtub refinishing bonding primer for a better stick over the car bondo.

Small Holes – RECAST

Small holes can definitely be fixed. Fill with foam. After dried, sand down, hit with bondo,and pour.


Colored Bathtubs – RECAST

Ugly tubs are no problem for Ekopel 2k.

As you can see most problems are solved by Recasting.  If you have a tub with questionable damage, give us a call at 877-882-2278 and we would be happy to consult you. More info and guides can be found at