AAOA’s LIVE Event Exhibitor RentCheck Makes Property Inspections Easy

RentCheck is a nationwide leader in guided property inspections for property managers.

Their mission is to save you time and money on property inspections by having your residents conduct virtual guided walkthroughs. Inspections and walkthroughs need to be conducted but have historically been an ongoing hassle. The COVID-19 pandemic has made it even more difficult, with the need for social distancing and contactless solutions. RentCheck allows tenants to engage in remote inspections and walkthroughs, saving managers and residents an enormous amount of time and money.

Schedule move-in, move-out, annual, turn, and periodic inspections with ease. Once an inspection is scheduled RentCheck handles all of the reminders to residents to ensure they get done on time. 85 percent of residents sent an inspection request through RentCheck complete it on time.

Visit their virtual booth at AAOA’s virtual rental housing conference to enter to win an Apple Watch and learn about their guided inspection software, including:

  • Standardized inspection reports
  • Inspection reminders to tenants
  • Side-by-side comparison reports
  • Automated inspection scheduling

Learn more at getrentcheck.com or reach out directly to [email protected]

Stop by their virtual booth at the AAOA Virtual Show to say hello and enter to WIN an Apple Watch!