AAOA Launches Bankruptcy, Tax Lien, and Civil Judgment Reports

Most landlords will tell you that a credit report is typically the deciding factor in whether or not to rent to a tenant. What many landlords don’t know is that the three major credit bureaus removed civil judgments (including evictions), tax liens, and most bankruptcies from credit reports back in 2017. AAOA fortunately, has never relied on the credit bureaus to access eviction data, choosing instead to use information directly from the civil court sources. However, tax lien and detailed bankruptcy data were not easily available, requiring manual searches in local jurisdictions.

AAOA is excited to announce the launch of an instant nationwide public records search that can greatly improve your tenant screening. By simply adding on a public records search to an instant tenant screening package you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your applicant is free and clear of any major debt that may be owed to their state, the IRS, or a plaintiff in a lawsuit.

Also, keep in mind, civil lawsuits include more than just eviction records. This means you can also uncover whether the tenant has broken any other contracts besides the lease or if they have been taken to court for rental damages.

Furthermore, although most bankruptcies are still reported on a credit report, the details provided are scarce. With a public record search you’ll know more about the bankruptcy, helping guide your decision.

AAOA is one of the first companies to offer this cutting edge solution, helping you fill vacancies with a greater amount of confidence during this time of uncertainty. AAOA’s public record search is only $5, making it an affordable addition to your screening reports.